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             ...feel the resonance,  find the knowledge, understanding and love... 

What We Do

We are a bit of a different model of centre working towards reconnecting with the natural world around us along with our inner selves. Our mission here is to grow, to learn, and to cleanse by keeping our eyes, our hearts, and our minds open. With a focus on increasing our consciousness, flexibility, and respect for others and the planet's living forms, we are working hard to create a more sustainable way of living. We grow everything from decoration plants and exotic fruit trees to lost and forgotten local crops and (in)famous medicinal plants. You can call the project a food forest, or a self-healing centre, or whatever you like. We are simply creating space for people of similar vibrations and ideas. We don't belong to any organisation, religion, or spiritual group...
We specialize in open-style, rustic, original cabins for long rent and cool spaces for retreats too...


Blazing the way that can be seen as a positive example or an idea of living and being. Trying to be more independent, open, aware of our everyday life. Breaking traditional concepts of living and thinking by simply not folowing them and experimenting with new methods in everything that we are facing by changing our programmed habits. Growing not only plants, but a new way of life. Adapting and creating a new paradigm of nutrition that helps us to heal and evolve and saves us from many unnecessary troubles, diseases, and wastes of energy and time. Connecting with the natural world here in order to cleanse and activate so that we can connect to some higher levels and intentions. Feeling as well as thinking about where we are coming from and to where we are heading so that we can have some assurance that all our "doing" here makes sense and that we are moving in the best possible direction. Reinforcing us gradually in independence to overcome destructive and manipulative governmental-cooperative-religious systems. Saying YES to less complicated, more satisfying and fulfilling life, leading to more energetic, emotional, and physical stability in order to simply live a more enjoyable, healthier, longer life with less damage to our environment... from damaging to synergising. 

  "You can count the seeds in a fruit but you cannot count the fruits in a seed."



  "Live the way you love"

What TO Do

Here at Lumicon, as far as work and activities go, there is something for everyone! If you have any special skills that can be put to use on the farm, they won’t go to waste! We take each day as it comes, working with and around the seasons. In our volunteer program, we offer veganic agroforestry experience, a space for yoga and meditation, and occasionally trips around.
We also offer accommodations for various RETREATS and there are a variety of PRIVATE CABINS available to rent for friendly monthly rates and under roof CAMPING option too.
Remember, you don't rent a square box here – you rent the whole farm with many spaces to use. We experiment with local and international vegan cuisine and make natural chocolate from farm-grown cacao. Most importantly, there is an energy here that will provide you with the tools you need to develop an appreciation for the natural world around you and a sense of peace within yourself. Come to detox and reconnect, and feel your body and soul potentiate... to recover from the system.
...crossing to the other side from the bus...getting to the farm.
The Upper Land
Windy-Hill Rainforest Preserve
The upper farm is made up of more than 20 hectares of preserved rainforest and is a short two kilometers away from Lumicon's lower farm. It is tucked up on what the native Quechua people call “Waira Pungu” or “Gate of the Wind.” The upper farm is like another world when compared with the lower. The scenery, climate, and soil are all completely different. It offers spectacular mountain, river, and jungle views as it looks out over Llanganates National Park. This farm is a lot more pure and simple and private than the lower farm, as it allows one to get even more personal with mother nature. The cabins are open with beautiful views right from your bed, with just a roof to provide shelter from the rain. We are constantly making trips to the upper farm as it is only a few minutes away by motorbike or car. It is located right near some pure lagoons and waterfalls, beautiful hiking areas, and pristine jungles.
Where To Find Us

We are perfectly located where the misty mountains and the Amazon meet, not far from Llanganates National Park hailing most of the rivers in the area. The farm is situated right on the clean Napo River which is famous for the best rafting in Ecuador. There are many buses that can get you to Tena, the nearest town. The ride is about forty minutes long. Avoid night arrivals please. If you are looking to spend some time in a natural paradise, we are surrounded by everything from crystal rivers, lagoons, and small waterfalls to the wild jungle and spectacular views. Find this gateway and get out of your concrete box, breathe pure air, drink pure water... 

We send detailed directions to new arrivals. 
We apologise for any grammar irregularities as English isn't our first language. We are more comfortable with machetes and shovels than with a mouse and a computer.


Whatsapp: 00593 0985420037

Please allow us a day or two to get back to you.

Questions, comments  and suggestions are all welcome, so don’t be shy! Remember that we are all in the process of learning. The idea here is to work well (individually and) together and to do the things that we enjoy. The beautiful people who visit and volunteer here are what makes Lumicon what it is... a place that we can all call home!


NOTE: We are organising jungle hiking tours to Llanganates National Park with overnight camping. It's one of the last pristine, unexplored, mysterious pieces of land left...


Mixed Photos of Our Place & More

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Windy Hill Farm View

windy hill farm view...

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