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Welcome to our winter escape emergency plan.

Ecuador has all kinds of climates, so basically anyone can find their favourite one around here... Coast, mountains, Amazon, semi-arid southwest, and all of the micro-climates in between...

We are located 1 degree south of the equator, so we generally experience an ultra-tropical climate. The elevation here is ~600 meters above mean sea level. We are close to the mountains and the large rivers flowing from them, so it is a bit cooler. The temperature typically ranges from 20-30 degrees Celsius all year round. We occasionally experience as high as 35 degrees Celsius or as low as 16 degrees Celsius. Never more. Never less. The humidity makes it feel hotter during the day and cooler at night. We have lots of cloudy and rainy days. The annual rainfall is usually in the 4000-5000mm range, and it has been gradually decreasing in recent years. In the dry season (September to January) it rains less, with shorter, heavier periods of rain. Rain in the rainy season is more in the form of drizzle and it can linger around for the whole day or even multiple days. The rainy season runs from February to July, August is a mix, and within each season there is variation. During April and May, it's much more sunny with less frequent and heavier rain showers. Periods without any rain are mostly limited to a few days, even in the dry season, though there are occasional droughts of about one week. Plants that require a distinct dry season in order to bloom usually do not produce fruit here. There can be strong winds at any time of the year. The climate has been changing over the last few years, sort of mashing the seasons together. None of the statements made here should be taken as absolutes, as everything is subject to change.

Yes, the climate here is warm enough and wet enough to grow durian.

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