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Similar Projects


Here we list some projects in Ecuador with compatible ideals.

Peaceful Village Raw Vegan Healing Community
Peaceful Village is a vegan community, veganic agroforestry project, and old-growth rainforest preserve nestled in the lowest foothills of the Andes at the edge of the lower Amazon Basin in western Orellana Province.

"We are a raw vegan healing community living by example to demonstrate that another way of living is possible. Peaceful Village envisions a world in which all beings and nature are respected, and no one is used against their will or seen as property. We all live in harmony for the highest good of all life. We are a nonprofit, non-competition, organically producing and growing independent network, forming a unique community project in the Amazonian jungles of Ecuador."

For more information on the current state of the project, their core values and guiding principles, and how to join, see their website. They also host the World Vegan Forum where one can discuss the theory and practice of animal liberation, regenerative agroforestry, intentional communities, and more.



A regenerative fruit forest project in the Tumbes-Piura dry forest region of Ecuador.

...and many more.....

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