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Cabins for rent, volunteer program, spaces for retreats, a micro-community...

We try to be flexible and live a simple way. We coexist with nature in such a way that we can all experience the basic natural elements around us. We live simply, but still have clean water, toilets, showers, storage, electricity, bedding, and yoga mats. There are a few places to get cell signal as well. Serena has a simple shop, road, internet, so even though we are in the jungle, society is not far out of reach. Our diet and lifestyle are vegan, concentrating on quality sources of nutrients and a nourishing environment. We try to get better, healthier and happier...

The project is not for profit, but in order to sustain the farm, we ask for a small contribution as the farm is not producing crops or any product to sell. See the "Basic Information" section for more information and contact me for more.
Volunteer Program
For the people that wish to help on the farm, to learn, to reconnect more with mother nature, or to use their creativity: we have work for you. It all depends on your skills and needs. We ask volunteers to help 4-5 hours per day, 5 days per week depending on the weather and the project's needs. Maintaining and improving the gardens and cabins, cleaning, cooking, art painting, or yoga are some examples of what can be done. Any ideas are welcomed!

Extended Stay Rentals

Specifically designed for the snowbirds are a variety of cabins from small, rustic, jungle-style huts to open-air cabins with spectacular views. We even have a simple house two spacious cabins and a tee-pee,plus it includes common spaces to rest in a hammoc, do yoga or meet with other folks.We offer special rates for extended stays. Contact us for more information.

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